Had 4 sessions at the 127th Conference of Japan Institute of Light Metals

General Session
“Effects of Ca content and rolling process on high strength Mg-Al-Ca alloys fabricated by twin-roll cast and sequential hot rolling”
Masafumi NODA

“Effect of deep drawing of flame-resistant magnesium alloy according to the motion control of servo press”

Theme Session 4:
“The latest technology development for producing flame-resistant magnesium alloy wrought material”

“Effect of cast structure on improvement of plastic workability in flame-resistant magnesium alloy”
Tomomi ITO

“Effect of rolling condition on metal structure and mechanical properties of flame resistance magnesium alloy produced using the antigravity suction casting”

November 15 (SAT) ~ November 16 (SUN), 2014
Ookayama Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology
The Japan Institute of Light Metals

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The 127th Conference of Japan Institute of Light Metals was held at Ookayama Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology from November 15 to 16, 2014. The conference was composed from 200 sessions divided in General Session and 6 individual Theme Sessions for 2 days. 4 people from Gonda Metal had 2 sessions for General Session and 2 for Theme Session 4.
Especially, the research result of 2 sessions in Theme Session 4 by T. ITO and Y. FUKUDA were obtained by Innovative Structural Materials Project (Future Pioneering Project) by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development (NEDO) project.

Recently, various applications for railroad vehicle, aircraft and automotive for weight saving have been studied since magnesium is the lightest of all commonly used structural materials.
The conference shows that practical use to the various industries of other magnesium alloy including the flame resistant magnesium alloy which is now advancing the research and development by us, is progressing in an accelerated pace.

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Authors of the conference, Y. FUKUDA, T. ITO, M. NODA and H. KATAGIRI from left side

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