Magnesium Alloy for Magnesium Cell

Magnesium Alloy for Magnesium Cell

Gonda Metal offers magnesium alloy for Magnesium-air fuel cell. We produce magnesium alloy containing calcium and existing AZ61.
This alloy has a characteristic not to passivate in the electrolytic solution at the time of generation easily because the passivation prevents the generation of negative ion of the magnesium alloy. In addition, the shape of magnesium alloy can prepare not only the sheet but also the round rod.

Since Gonda Metal own the research facility, we can cope with the wide demand of the customer regarding not only a volume of magnesium alloys but also various processing methods for casting materials, rolling materials and forging materials.

Production Range


Thickness Width
4.0mm≦ ≦290mm
1.0~4.0mm ≦600mm

Round Rod

Minimum Maximum
Diameter(mm) 16 50

Example of materials

Gonda Metal can satisfy various requirement regarding volume of magnesium alloys, processing methods and shape.


Mg Alloy Round Rods


Mg Alloy Sheet